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We are engaged in the fact that we can recover data from most variants and brands the media storage devices like: Any RAIDs 0, 1, 3, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 and combinations, variants and other with high numbers of drives even up to 64 drives in RAID, all NAS, DAS, QNAP, Synology, Drobo, Apple RAID, DELL, HP, Apple, MAC, VMWARE, LVM, LDM, Thin and thick RAID volume client. ROC RAIDs, Virtual machine and other. All type file systems. These are also data retrieval service from storage servers and big companies storages. Also we can fix hard drives for data recovery process, replace them if it under warranty and recover data from all brands and line of personal computers Apple mac or Microsoft Surface, laptop, desktop, and devices OS based and brands like: Apple, Windows, Linux, Unix, Freenas, Drobo.

Hard Disk Drives, HDD: Also if you have hard drive separated or with external connection storage devices we also can recover data from any USB, Thunderbolt, Type-C, SATA, SAS, PCI-E.

Solid State drives SSD: Any Solid satre devices external and internal like M.2, U.2, Fibre Channel. With mail controller CPU Sandforce, Micron, Silicon Motion and others.

Flash memory Based Devices: We can also recover valuable information from flash pen drives and memory card slike TF cards, CF, CFast, MMC, EMMC, mSD, SD, USB, memory Stick, TF cards, monolithic and monocrystal flash cards, and cards with the integrated or embedded controllers. Also we can restore data from modern standards like CompactFlash or CFast cards, XQD memory cards. We work with Sandisk, A-data Kingston, Transcend, OCZ, Toshiba, Samsung, Intel and other memory cards, We have experience of 30 years and we can help there where other companies are power less.

Second attempt cases: We always provide high quality of data recovery service, higher than our competitors or even we can repeat badly made work (second attempt) and we can recover more data from device. Evaluation on all stages of work is free, even does not depend of the number of hard drives and devices, second attempt evaluation also free. We have local powerful lab in Calgary Alberta with clean room class 10. We have free turn around shipping service and free pickup in Calgary. Feel free send us your device for free evaluation. No any pitfalls, surprise and hided fee no shadow payment and covered condition. Everything completely clear! You pay only when our job finished. Call us for free consultation if you have any questions.

Data Recovery from other old devices. Data Recovery Expert provides data recovery from rear, old, various electronic devices such as:
Drone, Camera, Go-pro, Flight Box Recorder logger, Action Camera, CD/DVD, DVR, FDD, Blu-ray, Tapes, Back Up Solution, Any Video Files Repair, Forensic Video Service, DVR, Voice recorder, Data Media restoration, Digital data transfer, data transfer from VHS, SVHS, DV Tapes to Digital with post production. We scan negatives and transfer it to digital with correction and post production.
Data Base recovery Service. We can repair, rebuild and restore almost any data base from corporate storage or accounting computers and data servers.

We can restore Quick book, SAGE, VMWARE, SQL, Simply Software accounting, Virtual machine, Virtual hard drive VHD, Backup Data Base, and many other.

Rate :
This is for reference only, you are welcomed to drop by the device for FREE evaluation and quote:

Level 1

logical regular data transfer or connector damaged
data conversion to another digital media,in such cases:
Price starts from low as $150 and maximum $250.

– Cracked or damaged USB, SATA, SAS, ZIF, PCI-E, TYPE-C, THUNDERBOLT, memory card connector if logic board and memory chip not affected.
Any flash cards, USB, mSD, SD, CF, Cfast, NVME, PCI-E, USB, U.2, M.2, ZIF, ZIP, FDD, Micro drive, Thunderbolt and many others. Media device must be partly or fully operational with some small reading issues.

Level 2

Logical damage data recovery in such cases :
Price starts from $250 and maximum $400.
– Logical damaged device, File structure corrupted and device in good condition.
– There is no physical or electrical damage on the device. The device functions normally and can be recognized by computer.
– Data needs to be rebuilt after an accidental deletion, reformatting, or repartition of the media.
– Logical rebuild of a file system after a virus attack has damaged critical operating files. Encryption and ransomware viruses is not included.
– Logical rebuild of data after being corrupted or partially overwritten.
– Some specific file system: APFS, HFS+, ZFS, UFS, XFS, VMWARE, VMFS which include only one hard drive.

Level 3

Electrical damage data recovery, logic PCB board malfunction. Firmware issue.
Price starts from $400 and maximum $800.
– Cellphones Android based released and manufactured until 2014.
– Restoration of data after electrical accident has damaged the main circuit board.
– Firmware corruption.
– Small head degradation (possible adjust reading parameters without perlace ).
– Translation error or corruption.
– The hard drive or flash media is not recognized or the device has a zero storage size. Hard drives is not clicking, ticking, beeping, dropped or was hit and has good heads and surfaces condition.

Level 4
Starts from $800

Physical damage data recovery. Heads problems.
Price starts from $800 and maximum $2000
– Some manual data collecting process corrupted by simple Ransomware.
– All android cellphones released after year 2014.
– Apple cellphones iPhone models : 4,5,5S,6,6S,7,8,10, X,XR,X2R,11.
– All RAIDs with SATA with 3 drives and more: $350 per hard drive for logical issue.
– All RAIDs with SAS with 3 drives and more: $650 per hard drive for logical issue.
– Apple Fusion drives, software RAIDs, Apple RAIDs. Unix and Linus RAIDs.
– Hard drive has a clicking sound and internal work is necessary.
– For hard drives, the read-write heads are damaged and need to be replaced with healthy ones in a clean room environment. The new read/write heads from the donor drive will need to be adjusted and recalibrated.
– For flash drives USB,CF,SD: memory chip will need to be removed for external reading process, or the electrical board needs to be repaired.
– Monolithic flash released in: SD, mSD, UFD, USB flash, internal one crystal chips.
– For SSD media when it not recognized by OS or computers. Also internal job required.

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