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Digital World Holdings Ltd.

3160-4000 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC V6X 0J8

Richmond 列治文 604-285-2738
Web Design 網頁設計 778-383-9000
Education 教育課程 778-383-9000

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SMS 短訊: 778-383-9000

Head Office

Richmond Photo & Digital Services 604-285-2738 Web & Education 778-383-9000 b-MOLA & DR.Rock Products 778-383-9000

Digital World is the Authorized Distributor of Dr Rock Bian Stone Far Infared Therapy Products. We offer free shipping to all major cities in Canada for orders over $99. Please contact us by email to for other options. Book a time 778-383-9000  for demonstration.

Bian stone and Graphene materials emit far-infrared heat almost at the same frequency as the human body. When the two wavelengths interact at the same time, biological cells will resonate and cause non-thermal effects, which promote energy transfer, thereby promoting blood circulation, strengthening tissue metabolism, and improving immunity. Power, etc., play a role in medical conservation.

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