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Digital World Holdings Ltd.

3160-4000 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC V6X 0J8

Richmond 列治文 604-285-2738
Web Design 網頁設計 778-383-9000
Education 教育課程 778-383-9000

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Richmond Photo & Digital Services 604-285-2738 Web & Education 778-383-9000 b-MOLA & DR.Rock Products 778-383-9000

Dr.Rock ER100 Energy Rejuvenator


Relieve head pain
Improve facial wrinkles and beautify skin
Promote body microcirculation
Helps lymphatic drainage
Improve metabolism and immunity



Energy Rejuvenator is a kind of multi energy and non-invasive lightweight hyperthermia device. After heating with BianStone and Graphene, it releases far infrared rays, negative ions, ultrasonic waves, And the unique near-infrared, red, yellow and blue LED polarized light and the earth’s magnetic field frequency 7.83 Hz design, it continuously supplies energy to the body, rejuvenates cells, and improves mental state in an all-round way. Improve microcirculation obstruction, relieve head pain, improve facial wrinkles and beautify skin, help lymphatic drainage. Used in conjunction with skin care products, it can effectively improve the absorption rate of the product and has the magical effect of introducing it into the bottom of the skin. Various energies can be used separately for different purposes to achieve a more perfect effect, allowing you to restart the “self-healing” ability of cells.

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